The Challenge

The Diocese of Cork + Ross had a website using the WordPress platform.  This wasn't appropriate as the site was very large with hundreds of page.  As a result it was very slow to load any page and eventually the server gave up and the website dissapeared.  The diocese needed this solving quickly as the website is very popular serving all 67 parishes.

The Solution

Diocese of Cork + RossDiocese of Cork + Ross

The content from the previous website was recovered and archived in a safe space.  The new website was launched within three days after and most of the content was manually re-published within the following 10 days.

The site needed a new layout communicating the major reorganisation implemented by the Bishop organising parishes into 16 distinct Familes of Parishes. provides the following services:

  • Equipping diocesan staff with training and on-going support in publishing regular content and announcements
  • Reliable fast-loading hosting service on fully managed Dedicated Server
  • The facility for vistors to subscribe to receiving featured articles directly to their email
  • Consultancy and suggestions for strategy and creative improvements to serve the audience

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