Smart Email with on-going Support

  • Synchronises perfectly on all your devices
  • Reliable and Secure
  • Professional address using your domain name e.g. fred@yourdomain.com
  • No Adverts and Protected Privacy
  • Intelligently reduces Junk and Spam

All Microsoft Office 365 Apps and Email services are provided with a full installation and configuration service with ongoing support and advice

Synchronises perfectly on all your devices

Why Microsoft 365?

If your Email, Contacts and Calendar are precious to you then this is the most safe and secure service that perfectly synchronises between multiple devices.

So what can I do with Exchange?

  • Exchange synchronise all your Email, Email Folders, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks on all your devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones)
  • Access your Mail, Calendar, Folders, Contacts, Notes and Tasks on an iPhone, iPad or any other smart phone or tablet
  • Fully access all of your email folders, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks etc. from anywhere in the world with any computer using Outlook on the web
  • Allow others varying levels of access to your Outlook account
  • Share Calendars - make appointments and check for availability
  • Share Address Books
  • Switch on your own Out Of Office auto-responder when you wish

What does Microsoft 365B include?

ExchangeExchange TeamsTeams OneDriveOneDrive SharePointSharePoint
  • Plenty of mailbox space (50GB storage)
  • Junk Mail Manager - Intelligently puts SPAM into your Junk Mail folder
  • Hosted on ultra-reliable Microsoft Exchange platform
  • Teams (Video conferencing, Meetings, Voice Calls and Messaging)
  • OneDrive with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of cloud storage
  • SharePoint (Collaborate and share big files with anyone)
  • Remote Help to set it up for you
  • On-going Support for your Exchange account

Why Exchange is better than POP email (in 75 seconds)