After installing OneDrive on your computer you will see status icons against each of your files and folders

OneDrive Tips

Here is what they mean:

Icon Meaning Pros Cons
online only Online only
Online-only files don't take up space on your PC and are downloaded as you use them
Saves space on your PC You must be connected to the Internet to open the file
available Available on this PC
Files you have downloaded and can be edited while you are offline
You can edit the file without an Internet connection It takes up some space on your PC
always keep on my device Always keep on this device
This ensures important files of folders are always accessible
You can edit the file without an Internet connection If you see this for a folder, it may use a lot of storage sapce on your PC
syncing Currently Syncing
Hasn't finished uploading to the cloud
You will see this icon as you have files open.  Close all files and do not switch off your PC until the sync icons disappear
cannot sync File of Folder cannot be synced
You'll see this both on the OneDrive icon and against the individual file(s)
The most common cause is using unusual characters when naming a file or folder. Use short names using only letters, numbers, spaces and hyphens (-) Call us if you need help