Spelling and Thesaurus Shortcut key in Microsoft Word

Word Tips

You may already know that if you press the F7 key at the top of your keyboard it will start up the Spellchecker

However have you tried this?

  1. Double click on a Word (to select it - like the word offer below)highllighted word
  2. Whilst holding down the Shift Key shift press the F7 key f7

You should now see a list of suggest synonyms (and antonyms) appear in the right panel.

thesaurus side panelSo for example if you select the word separate the right panel will show something like this...

Click directly on any of the suggested words in the list to suggest more antonyms and synonyms for that new word.

Or float over the word and click on the right pull-down to Insert (to replace word originally selected) or Copy (ready to paste the new word somewhere else)